A small selection of comments from past students and their parents

Martin's family are really happy after placing their fourth child with Barnes which all started 8 years ago

Student: Martin Avello
Study Period: Sept 2020 to Dec 2020

We are happy to tell you that Martin arrived safe from Chippenham and he is already at home with us.

He is glad to be back home after these four happy and enriching months he has lived in the UK. Since he was a child he always wanted to study in England and the experience has in no way let him down. On the contrary, he has had a fantastic time there, being fully integrated both at home, at the school and at the Golf club. All has been perfect with special mention to his host family. Martin felt at home with them.

This time again, we want to thank you for making it possible. Eight years ago, we were looking for the best way for our children to study in a school in England when we were lucky to find your website while surfing the internet. It is now our fourth youngest son who has successfully studied in an English School thanks to your support. During all this time, we have very much appreciated your very professional work. We will continue to recommend your services to families we know.

After so many years and emails, we would have liked to meet you in Bristol (it is not so far from Chippenham) but we have not been able to visit Martin and his host family due to Covid 19. Nevertheless, we would be very happy if you could visit us in Spain sometime in the near future. So, do not hesitate to call us if someday you come to Spain.

Maja finds her host family "just like home - her mum is very pleased

Student: Maja Yan
Study Period: Sept 2016 to Jun 2017
Maja is enjoying her time in England very much. Her host family is very, very friendly and Maja likes them all very much, "just like home" she says. She is enjoying school as well and is happy with her subjects.

Paul is happy with his host mother and the rowing

Student: Paul Schulze
Study Period: Sept 2016 to Jun 2017
Paul has settled in nicely and is particularly happy with his host mother Teresa and the rowing, he also enjoys school.

Juan's mother is very happy with everything

Student: Juan Ponce de Leon
Study Period: Sept 2016 to Jun 2017
We are all extremely happy with the news, it sounds great the way Juan is settling in and any time I speak with him, he praises his host family, the school, the rugby teams he has joined and his colleagues and new friends. He is also very happy with his Maths and Physic teachers and praises also their teaching methods.  All in all wonderful news.

Martin's mother is very impressed with the private school in England

Student: Martin Farnesi
Study Period: Sept 2016 to Jun 2017
Just a quick note to let you know that Martin seems to have settled in well and I have been very impressed by the way the school is communicating with us parents. There is a strong emphasis on mind set, growth and development which I think will perfect for Martin. I'd like to thank you again for the assistance you gave us finding a school for Martin. I'd be very happy to write something for your website…

Elisa's parents are very happy with her host family

Student: Elisa Portinari
Study Period: Sept 2016 to Jun 2017
We brought Elisa to her family on Sunday and had breakfast with them. We are very happy with this family, they are so caring and warm-hearted.

Isabella's mother says her school in England and host family are both perfect

Student: Isabella Fontana
Study Period: Sept 2016 to Jun 2018
I have no words to express my gratitude for the choice of school and family,  both are perfect! Thank you.

Teachers and classmates integrated Leonard well, now his brother will study in England with us

Student: Leonard Hinderer
Study Period: Sept 2015 to Jul 2016
We brought Leonard to Cornwall by car and we had the chance to meet his host family. The Andrews are a very friendly family and Leonard feels very happy to be with them. In addition, Leonard feels comfortable at his school in England and likes his Surf and Lifesaving Club training. Overall it seems to be an perfect arrangement for Leonard. So we feel confident that Leonard will have a wonderful time in Cornwall!
I want to give you just a short feedback to Leonards time in Cornwall now he has returned home. First of all you found a wonderful host family. Leonard felt at home and was really a part of the Andrews-family. In addition, Leonard had a wonderful time at his school in England. Teachers and classmates integrated Leonard in the school community. He was very busy in learning and he joined the "Duke of Edinburgh-Program". Finally, Leonard could do his life saving sports and was very happy being a member of the local surf life-saving club.
Sadly Leonard couldn't go to every training unit because the public traffic didn't work reliable. But no one is to blame for this. Overall, Leonard had a wonderful, unforgettable time in Cornwall and he is really sad that his time there is over! Thank you for your arrangement! Leonard is back and now his brother wants to study in England. Therefore we would like to ask you to find a host family and a school for him.

Emily's parents want to make known their appreciation

Student: Emily Bolay
Study Period: Sept 2015 to Jul 2016
We would like to thank you in person for the excellent and professional service you have offered. I don't know how to make it known, but really appreciated all you have done for Emily.
Many thanks and a lot of success for the future. 

Emma welcomes her friends from England to Germany

Student: Emma Belgeri
Study Period: Sept 2015 to Jun 2016
Emma really appreciated her experience abroad and the time spent at school, with friends and the host family.
A few weeks ago we hosted 6 girls visiting Emma from England and it has been a real pleasure to see all them so close and happy.
Thank you for the great experience Emma had and I sure she will come again to say hello to the school, you and friends. 

Francesca's host parents in England really miss her

Student: Francesca German
Study Period: Sept 2015 to Jul 2016
I can't believe Francesca has left and is no longer living with us. We are all missing her already and it feels strange not to have her in the house with her endearing habits and gorgeous personality.
We are so pleased that we have come on board with the hosting and it has proved such an enriching, fulfilling and enjoyable process. Please tell Francesca's parents that she has been an absolute delight to host and became part of our family right from the outset. She is an incredible girl: intelligent, funny, independent and with a wisdom and clarity beyond her years. I am sure they are very proud of her and we were proud to have her here as part of our family for five months. We predict that she will go on to achieve great things and are thrilled to have had her in our lives during her time in England. 

Malin is missing her school in England

Student: Malin Hirschegger
Study Period: Sep 2015 to Jul 2016
Malin has started back at her German school and is missing her school in England and the Tomkins family. She really enjoyed her stay there.
Many thanks for your support, your help and your great work before and during Malin's study period in England. 

Julia's parents are relieved she has such a friendly host family

Student: Julia Werry
Study Period: Apr 2016 to May 2016
Although I know that Jan has written to you I also wanted to let you know that the host family for Julia seems to be very nice indeed! Very friendly people who seem to take it serious looking after her. When I drove home I was absolutely relieved.
Also the school was great, very friendly and helpful staff!
We are very happy for Julia to have the opportunity to make such a nice experience in GB! 

Malin looks forward to returning after the Christmas break

Student: Malin Hirschegger
Study Period: Sept 2015 to Jul 2016
Malin arrived home happy, she feels very fine and is looking forward to return to her host family and to school in England after the Christmas break. 

Marina enjoys her grammar school in England

Student: Marina Muramatsu
Study Period: Sept 2015 to Jun 2016
Marina is extremely happy with her host parents, their house, the area and her grammar school.
When I talked to her on Skype a few hours ago, she was middle of doing her homework and said her study was pretty tough but enjoyed herself.
Well, thank you very much for all the work that you have done for us which enable Marina to study in England.
I really look forward to seeing how Marina grows mature through this experience. 

Carlotta is very happy and so her parents are happy too!

Student: Carlotta Overheu
Study Period: Sept 2015 to Jun 2016
Carlotta feels very happy with her host family. Therefore Kristin and I are very happy too! 

Jule makes friends and manages life in England with ease

Student: Jule Sperling
Study Period: Sept 2015 to Jun 2017
I have been visiting Jule during her holidays. We enjoyed our time together in Worcester, Birmingham and Oxford. I like Worcester very much and so does Jule. It´s so much nicer than our Hanover. And I am sure that Jule likes the place, the school, the teachers and her host mum.
Emma invited me for lunch so I could get to know her. I saw that Jule is fine and that she adapted very quickly to the new situation. It was a little strange for me to see that my 16 years old daughter manages life in another country with ease and that she of course understands much more than I.
So everything is fine but I wouldn´t say that she enjoys her time because she is working quite hard and spending most of her time in the amazing library of Worcester. On the other hand she made friends with a German and an English girl so that she isn´t spending all her time in the library.
I hope that you and your little puppy are fine. 

Marina still misses her friends from her school in England

Student: Marina Blanke
Study Period: Apr 2015 to Jul 2015
Marina still miss the friends from her school in England and thinks a lot about her beautiful time in GB.
I´m very happy and grateful for all her host family gives her, they are lovely. Perhaps one time we could give this back.
Marina learned so much in GB and made such a big step forward, I get a new girl home. If she really could I think she would have stay. As we spent time on holiday with her after her experience we had a lot of time listening to all her experiences and adventures. And she has time to lean back and get all in her memories. It is a time she never will forget. 

Julia's host really likes Julia

Student: Julia Schnittke
Study Period: Sep 2015 to Jun 2016
Thank you & all is going well with Julia so far, she's a real pleasure to have around and we are getting along great. 

It is hard for a mother to let her child go abroad but Fabio's mother is reassured

Student: Fabio de Oliveira Pinto
Study Period: Sept 2015 to Jun 2016
After one week travelling through the midlands with really nice weather we left Fabio at Teresa's house last week. We had dinner with her and her son. She is really very nice. Fabio has a very nice room and I think they will be good team in the next month.
On Friday was his introduction to the college and he is very happy there!
Also on Friday he had the first rehearsal at the orchestra.
So everything is going very well and although it is hard for a mother to let the children go their way any time we are very pleased and happy and grateful for the big experience he will have while staying in England.  
Thank you for the very good organisation and your support. 

Our schools see the benefit of welcoming a small number of international students

Study Period: Sept 2014 to Jul 2015
Thanina, Louison, Nora and Josephine finished with us on Friday - I think they were all sad to leave, and we were sad to see them go! Our students really are responding well to this programme and I am looking forward to our new cohort starting in September!

Laura finds many friends at school in England

Student: Laura Biet
Study Period: Sept 2014 to Jun 2015
Laura is enjoying her stay in Essex very much. She has found many friends and is a little sad that she has to return back to Germany soon. 

Ben is very enthusiastic about his life in England

Student: Ben Zimmerman
Study Period: Feb 2015 to May 2015
Thank you very much for your great effort to settle the things for Ben. Mr Jenkins was very quick at organizing contacts, please pass on our gratitude. Ben has already taken part in the debating club and said it was an interesting experience. The violin group seems to be a little more difficult, since Ben plays the viola, an instrument which is not part of the ensemble. But Ben says that nevertheless he has a lot to do at school and likes spending time there. He very much enjoys the academic side at school and is really into Physics now. We feel that everything is going well and Ben is very enthusiastic about his life in England. So things couldn`t be better! Thanks for that!!! 

Tamara enjoys family life in England and find some great friends

Student: Tamara Zachen
Study Period: Jan 2015 to Jul 2015
I'm happy with my host family. They involve me into their family life. I'm also getting along well with Josey and Jack. I've got no problems with the language whether at home or at school. I found some great friends at school. I'm able to play football and Saxophone after school as well. I'm happy that everything turned out so good. 

Leandra feels very well supported for her study period in England

Student: Leandra Feindseisen
Study Period: Feb 2015 to Mar 2015
Leandra is very excited about studying in England. The family is very kind and helpful and the support from the school is very good. 

Noa is coping well, especially for her age

Student: Noa Diaz Vidal
Study Period: Jan 2015 to Jul 2015
Noa arrived safely and is quite happy with her new situation. She really copes well, especially for her age and we are all very happy about the organisation and the choices you have made. 

Ana finds many new friends at school in England

Student: Ana Kirschner
Study Period: Jan 2015 to Jan 2015
Ana`s time is already coming to the end. So far she definitely enjoyed her stay. The Readers are extremely nice people, Ana likes school and has found many friends. She even played in the netball school team in a competition. So thank you very much!! 

Flora really benefitted from school in England

Student: Flora Somogyi
Study Period: Sept 2014 to Dec 2014
Happy New Year for you and your family as well! I planned writing to you earlier to express our special thanks for organising this semester for Flora. As I can see with my husband it was very beneficial for her both with regards to learning and the individual side. 

Tommaso found the teachers in England very attentive

Student: Tommaso Mignosa
Study Period: Sept 2014 to Dec 2014
I drop these few lines to thank you for your precious support for our son Tommaso's term in Worcestershire. I want to underline that Tommaso really enjoyed the time he spent at his school in England and teachers were very attentive towards Tommaso and fully available to support him.
The host family moreover was great and very kind with Tommaso in any circumstances. I will share with friends your reference having been overall enthusiastic. 

Karina is happy and thinks about completing her second year

Student: Karina Lockowandt
Study Period: Sept 2014 to Jun 2014
Last week I visited Karina and was very happy to see her. She is very well and enjoying her time. She's good at school in such a short time and I think she will stay the next year also.
Also thank you very much for the host mother. She is 100 % the right person, and I´m very glad about that, too. I hoped that distance was the right decision and I think it was. I say thank you every day. 

Rebecca recommends Barnes due to the direct relationship we have with the students

Student: Rebecca Cicchetti
Study Period: Jan 2014 to Jul 2014
All I can say about Barnes Educational is that every time I've needed an help while I was attending school in England I always found the association so helpful and kind. Rachel is such a nice person, she always helped me to overcome all the difficulties that the year abroad makes you face. Every time I needed help with the school she has been available, even when I came home she carried on asking me how things were going and how it was to go back. I recommend this Barnes Educational because of the direct relationship that it has with the exchange students, contacting them every month, or less, choosing good host families and nice places to stay. I can see that I really enjoyed my stay in Kent and I loved my host family, who were always really opened and nice with me. They allowed me to host some friends of mine whenever I asked to, they always cooked for me, they took me out for walks on the beach and my host mother even helped me to bake a cake for my birthday. The good thing of this association is that all the exchange students get to know each other quickly. I've been sharing the house with a German girl and I can say that it has been amazing; my neighbour was a German exchange student from Barnes as well and we got to know each other really quickly. My host mother went to pick me up at the airport when I first landed in England, she brought me to school the first day and helped me a lot in the early days to make friends and to start feeling more comfortable in the house.
I loved my six months exchange in UK and I can say that I would do it thousand times again.
Many thanks to Barnes, to Rachel and to my host family. 

Anne is so happy she thinks about extending to complete the year

Student: Anne Neuhoff
Study Period: Sept 2014 to Dec 2014
First of all I settled down really well and I love England, the college and my host family. That's why I'm writing you. I feel more comfortable here than I thought and it's just an idea but is there a possibility to stay for a whole year? 

Henriette's mum is happy we helped them make the right choice

Student: Henriette Vogt
Study Period: Sept 2014 to Jun 2015
I am writing to let you know that Henriette seems to be very happy . The school she says is great, her host family wonderful, she has already made friends there and sounds very enthusiastic about everything. So, thank you for helping us make the right choice. 

Henriette confirms she would recommend the experience to everyone

Entschuldigen Sie die verspätete Antwort aber jetzt schreibe ich ihnen von meinem ersten Monat hier in England.
Ich fühle mich sehr wohl hier, meine Gastfamilie ist sehr sehr nett und ich mag sie wirklich gerne. In der Schule läuft alles wunderbar, ich wurde vom ersten Tag an sofort aufgenommen und habe sehr schnell neue Freunde gefunden, meine Fächer sind interessant und die Lehrer hilfsbereit, wann immer man eine Frage hat, wird sie auch bestmöglich beantwortet. Meine Gastfamilie hat mit mir bereits einige Sachen unternommen, zum Beispiel waren wir am letzten Wochenende in Whitby und fahren dort auch zum Gothwochenende wieder hin. Und eine der anderen Gastmütter hat organisiert, dass Caroline, Elisabeth und ich vor ein paar Woche nach Lincoln fahren konnten, was ich wirklich toll fand.
Alles in allem ist es hier wundervoll, besser als ich es mir vorgestellt habe. Ich hatte überhaupt keine Probleme mich einzuleben, alle haben es mir so einfach wie möglich gemacht.
Ich kann diese Erfahrung nur an jeden weiterempfehlen.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen von der Insel,
Henriette Vogt 

Inge's next children also love the private boarding school we place them at in England

Student: Nina and Simon Lange
Study Period: Sept 2014 to Jun 2015
Nina and Simon school is fantastic. They threw themselves into school life, playing soccer and solos in a concert and learning English. It is perfect. The admission tutor wrote to me the other day that they "already spread some of their Star dust over the School". They are fully accepted and welcomed. They get pretty high marks already without having problems with their English. Everything is extremely personal. So far it was - again - a very good decision.
Best wishes

Karl is enjoying every bit of his study period in England

Student: Karl Schild
Study Period: Sept 2014 to Jun 2015
Karl has started his journey in Kent and he is enjoying every bit of it. I just wanted to say thanks again for your organisation and support. 

Julius' dad returns to Germany with a good feeling about everything

Student: Julius Schewe
Study Period: Sept 2014 to Jun 2015
Thank you for your quick replay. It was a good idea and Val, Julius and I talked about that and we did what Val suggested and Julius already got the travel card today!
The things are going on very well. Julius spent the first days with Val and the host family and today he had his first time at school. He is very pleased about his host family and the school and the pupils he met there, so I am, too. Val is such a lovely host mother and we had much fun while talking with her.
Thank you very much for all. Tomorrow I will travel back to Germany and I have a very good feeling about everything. 

Philippine was very sad to leave her host family - everything was perfect

Student: Philippine Targowla
Study Period: Apr 2014 to Jul 2014
I want to give you some news after the return of Philippine.
Philippine, at the end of July, was very sad to leave her host family. She loved these 3 months in Devon.
Everything was perfect : the family and the school. She enjoyed very much going to school, the teachers were all very friendly and she had a lot of school friends.
Nicky was a second mother for her, and she became very good friend with Molly and also with Denny. She hopes she can return soon to England. 

Philippine at school in england

Philippine with her host family

Francesco returns with a new attitude to learning foreign languages

Student: Francesco Armani
Study Period: Jun 2014 to Jul 2014
Francesco arrived home very very happy and in a great shape and mood. He wishes he could repeat the same next year!
After a few words we immediately noticed that he'd improved his English and his general attitude towards a foreign language. Now he perceives it as a way to communicate and not as a tough homework.
He enjoyed the school and the warm atmosphere of the Family.
We really appreciated the way that everything was organized and well-handled.
Let's keep in touch! 

Yaro's parents are happy to work with us

Student: Yaro Issakov
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Jun 2014
Yaro is very excited to start his life in England! We are very happy having found you and working with you on this important decision in Yaro's life. Two more of my younger sons are waiting to get in to your hands to find their schools in UK. 

Annabell hopes to stay in touch with her amazing host family forever

Student: Annabell Urban
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Jun 2014
I just wanted to say thank you for everything you've organised this year. It has been amazing and the best year of my life so far. I learned so much and met so many nice people and hopefully stay in touch with the most of them. My host family was amazing and it was so hard to say goodbye, but I'm sure I'll keep in touch with them, hopefully forever. Thanks so much. 

Gösta is full of praise

Student: Gösta Reissmann
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Jun 2014
Thanks a lot for making this fantastic stay possible. I really enjoyed my stay in England. I wish you and your company best of luck for the future. I would always recommend you as a great organisation. I was very happy with your organisation and help. 

Bernat's family appreciate our wise and professional guidance placing him at a state boarding school

Student: Bernat Namba
Study Period: Sept 2014 to Jun 2016
I must say we feel relieved and very excited for the two years awaiting Bernat at his state boarding school.
We hope and believe we have made the right choice, one which will benefit him and positively shape his future life.
We are certain this would not have been possible without your wise and professional guidance throughout the whole process, so we thank you sincerely for all your work.

David's music continues to excel in England

Student: David Zimnol
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Jun 2015
David has been very well settled in England. He enjoys going to school, playing violin in a semi-professional orchestra and singing in a large choir, with whom he has performed already the "War Requiem" by B.Britten. So it is good that he lives in the city and can do a lot within walking distance. Even with the host parents he has a good relationship. We are delighted that David feels so comfortable and is very much encouraged in school.

Further feedback after the end of David's study period in England:
Since a few weeks David has been back in Germany. I wouldn't call it "home" since he was "home" in England as well as here. He has liked England from the beginning and he still likes it as much (maybe even a bit more) than Germany.
We are very happy that David could get the opportunity to be educated in such a brilliant school in England and that he could learn a lot about the country and people there.
The life with his host family was very nice for David, also because the house was close by the school. We are very happy that they cared and helped when problems occurred for David. We are very happy too that his host family has agreed to visit us next year.
David is very eager to see his IB results in the following days and we are confident that the results will be very pleasing. From September on David will start university and we think he has been prepared well for his following studies.
We wanted to say a big thank you to you because without your organization and help we could not have found such a good place for David's education.
Thank you for all of your support for David and we will happily recommend your organization. The time in England was the best that could have happened to David and we are happy how it turned out in the end.

Everything in Vittoria's English life was perfect

Student: Vittoria Ferrario
Study Period: Jan 2014 to Feb 2014
Vittoria is spending her last days and is a bit sad. Vittoria made so many friends that she was not thinking about the weather and that was fantastic. Everything in her English life was perfect and she'll come home with such wonderful memories.
I want to thank you for your good work and hope that Vittoria will return to England next year or sooner.

Marius feels lucky to have such a wonderful host family and wants to stay longer

Student: Marius Kremer
Study Period: Mar 2014 to Jul 2014
I want to tell you that Marius is so happy to be in England. We have luck, that he has such a wonderful host family.
Marius comments: I'm really having a great time studying in England, and I don't want to spend too many thoughts about going home because I would definitely like to stay longer, maybe forever. But this is unfortunately not the case. 

Saskia enjoys life in England

Student: Saskia Lorenz
Study Period: Jan 2014 to Jul 2014
Saskia feels very comfortable at Dawn and Tony´s house and also likes very much the further family. They are warm-heated, friendly and humorous and she says she can talk to them about everything, even private affairs. At the moment she doesn´t need us so much anymore and I think that´s good. In the beginning it was a bit strange but we are very relieved that she enjoys her life so much...and we still have her sister :-)       At school she has found many new friends and she likes going there very much. Mr Townsend takes care of her as well as her female tutor and from the beginning a really kind student. Meanwhile she even meets some English friends privately. 

Mimi's time in England was very worthwhile

Student: Natascha Bauer
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Jun 2014
Next week Mimi will start the new year in the school. When she came back she didn't have problems to integrate in the school. I think her time in Plymouth was very worthwhile for her. 

Aimee's parents were very, very happy with her host family

Student: Aimee Drescher
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Jun 2014
We (and Aimee of course) are very, very happy with the Fereday family. We have the feeling that nothing better could have happened to Aimee as she was welcomed and is treated with such a warmth, friendliness and care we absolutely feel safe and happy with the arrangement.
Seems you have a nose for fitting constellations ;-))  

Sofia's parents praise her private boarding school in England

Student: Sofia Ginocchio
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Jun 2014
We would like to thank all of you for providing a conducive and comfortable learning environment and happy leaving for our daughter Sofia Ginocchio.
Your lovely and wonderful teachers are truly dedicated ones. The short learning experience for our daughter has been an enjoyable one. Our daughter had no difficulty adapting to the school and to new subjects. We sincerely applaud the staffs for that.
Special thanks to the teachers and all the staff for their relentless dedication and patience in nurturing our daughter during these 4 months. She had been joyful from day 1 of the program. We believe your passion and professionalism in nurturing the children are the key factors leading to her being enthusiastic in school.
The staff have always been cheerful, helpful and prompt in giving their support to Sofia when needed.
She will carry this marvellous experience in her heart through her life. 

Helena loves her school and her host family

Student: Helena Dammasch
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Jun 2014
Helena is very well and is having a great time. She loves her school and her host family.
Thank you again for your fantastic work to find both. 

Tessa feels very good in her host family

Student: Tessa Sprenger
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Jun 2014
Tessa does really enjoy her first term and she feels very good in her host family.  

The chemistry is right after we decide to move Lea to different host family

Student: Lea Pflug
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Jun 2014
Lea is very happy with the host family. She enjoyed the trip to London, the Shard and the lots of information she got from Ginny and her mother. But also the daily family life is a positive turn by 180 degrees compared to the situation before. 

Isabella feels very relaxed with her host family

Student: Isabella Laesser
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Jun 2014
We are happy to hear from Isabella that she feels very well with her host family and we appreciate it very much that Isabella is by the sea. We would like especially thank you for that nice host family in which Isabella has lived. We are very, very happy with this selection.

Now she is for more than one month in England and Isabella has no homesickness. She says that she feels very relaxed with Linda and John. And Linda cooks very well!!! Linda and John are very nice and they will go with Isabella also to the parents-meeting at school. Thanks a lot for your assistance.

Natascha's family appreciate seeing where Natascha will study and live

Student: Natascha Bauer
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Jun 2014
We enjoyed our visit to Devon, especially getting acquainted to the really nice family Tomkins Natascha will join. The school also gave us a very good impression therefore we are sure, that Natascha will have a great year in England. 

Nora was sad to leave her school and her new friends in England

Student: Nora Sacerdotti
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Dec 2013
All went well: Nora was very happy in England (and not so happy to leave the school and the new friends) and we are pleased about her stay.

Hanna appreciated us agreeing to change her family and for acting extremely fast

Student: Hanna Moedder
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Dec 2013
I really enjoyed England and it was a pleasure to go to the school you recommended. Once again, I thank you for taking my wish to change the family seriously and for acting extremely fast. 

Ana and Pedro made very good friends and had an exceptional and successful experience

Student: Ana and Pedro Avello
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Dec 2013
First of all, we would like to let you know that everything has happened in the best possible way. Both Ana and Pedro have been fully integrated in their families and in the school life. They have been very happy with their host families who happened to be great persons. They both joined the local tennis club where they have made very good friends indeed.
We were so fortunate to be able to visit them for a few days in the second half of October. Their families were so kind to invite us to live with them and we had a wonderful time. We also visited their school, where we met some of our children's teachers as well as the Head Teacher who we found to be a very talented and nice woman leading a very good school.
It has been an exceptional and successful experience for Ana and Pedro and for us too. I hope we can repeat with their younger brothers in just a few years.
We would like to thank you for your very professional work and the time you have dedicated to us, and in particular for successfully finding a place for Pedro in a more difficult year group to place students in.

State Boarding School applicants appreciate our very reactive service

Student: Guillaume and Juliette Parchet
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Jun 2014
We were very happy to work with you. You were very reactive during this search process, so we wanted to be reactive for your payment! 

Klare's mother is calm knowing Klare is in safe care

Student: Klare Ensslin
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Dec 2013
Kläre is really happy with Selena, Luther, Oakley and Pasha. We are both totally impressed how she gets along with the English language and all the new and unknown situations.
She enjoys a family life with children and says, she now really knows what she always missed, being the only child at her home.
You did a really good job choosing this host family and also the school in Devon for Kläre. Thanks a lot!
And here in her school some of her classmates think about following in Kläres' footsteps for her reports are without exception positive.
We are nearly calm now, knowing she is in the safe care of Selena's.

Moritz has fun with his new friends

Student: Moritz Zeibig
Study Period: Sept 2013 to Dec 2013
I want to say thank you very, very much to you. Moritz is very happy. Sue and Mike are great. They seem to be lovely with him.  Moritz has found nice friends. They meet and have fun together.

Lorenz was very impressed

Student: Lorenzo Guidetti
Study Period: Jun 2013 to Jul 2013
Just to inform you that Lorenzo returned to Italy and everything was good. He was very impressed about everything to do with his study period.  
Thank you for your cooperation and your assistance.

Belen is happy and relaxed

Student: Belen Esteban
Study Period: Jun 2013 to Jul 2013
Just to tell you that Belen looks happy and relaxed. She is very well settled with the Powers family and in the school. 

Giovanni's mum is happy with our alternative to a language course

Student: Giovanni Barsotti
Study Period: Jun 2013 to Jul 2013
Giovanni had a great experience. Both the school and host family were marvellous, nothing like the usual language experiences that Italian kids get. I will recommend you to all my friends. 

Grove House is pleased with the guardianship service we provided for Leonie

Student: Grove House (Graham Smith)
Study Period: Sept 2012 to Jul 2013
Many thanks for all your checking (and rechecking!) regarding Leonie to ensure we have known her movements over the last year. It has been a pleasure dealing with a guardian that has been as organised as you have been and it has helped us enormously in our planning for weekend and holiday periods.

Louise quickly gets into the full swing of school life

Student: Louise Perin
Study Period: Jun 2013 to Jul 2013
Thank you very much for the feedback from the school and host family (below). We have spoken to Louise and she is very much enjoying the school and the students. She also feels very good with her host family. Thank you for this good organisation.
"The school has said that Louise is a lovely girl and getting into the full swing of school life. Her host family has also been full of praise for Louise and think that she is a great girl."

Tim's mother is very happy for the good and safe experience

Student: Tim Korom
Study Period: Sept 2012 to Jun 2013
It´s now a week since Tim returned from the UK. We are glad to have him back.
It has been an important year for him and he has become a lot more independent and responsible. We are so pleased that you provided a good and safe solution to make those experiences possible. Thank you.
It was sad for him though that he had to leave his first home. He is still in contact with his first "parents" and they are going to visit us end of summer.
Thank you again for all your help.
Have a successful development of your business
I have already recommended you to some people.

Mia really enjoyed her time despite initial reservations

Student: Mia Cloix
Study Period: April 2013 to May 2013
Mia, who at the beginning wasn't so happy to go to England, very much enjoyed it.
She appreciated her host family, spending time with the boys of the family and the friends at the school. She would stay longer if it was possible. Thank you for organising everything.

Christopher adjusts to Year 10 back in Germany with relative ease

Student: Christopher Schulenberg
Study Period: Sept 2012 to Feb 2013
I do appreciate your information about Christopher's Maths module mark. I am as well very pleased with his achievement!
So far, Christopher has settled in well in Germany. As he has already known quite a few people in his new class from lower years, it was not difficult for him to adjust to Year 10 here. He is really doing well in English, Math and Physics, but has to do quite some catching up in subjects like Latin, German or Biology. But this was to be expected and he still would not miss his time in England. He really enjoyed staying with Sue and Paul and studying in England. Thanks again for making it possible. Christopher´s sister cannot wait to go abroad, too. 

Carolina felt well supported

Student: Carolina Birlin
Study Period: Sept 2012 to Feb 2013
Carolina - I really enjoyed my stay in England and I gained many new experiences that I will always remember! Thank you for the good support in this time.
Carolina enjoyed her stay in England. She liked her host family, met new friends and is very interested in British topics now. Nevertheless we are glad to have her back.  Finally we want to say thank you for your very good organisation and care for Carolina's trip to England. 

Lorenzo made excellent experiences

Student: Lorenzo Pechstein
Study Period: Sept 2012 to Mar 2013
Next week Lorenz time in Great Britain will run out. He made excellent experiences and we thank you for the organisation.

I think my son Mathias is a very lucky boy

Student: Mathias Delnoy
Study Period: Sept 2012 to Jun 2013
Thank you for finding this great family for Mathias. We went with Mathias last weekend to discover the area where he will live. Everything is perfect. It's such a nice town to go to school in and almost a dream living next to the sea. I think that my son is a very lucky boy. Sally and Stuart are great. I'm sure they will take good care of Mathias. I'm not worried to leave my son with them.
Every time we have Mathias on the telephone, he's very enthusiastic about everything. I'm looking forward to hear about the school this evening. He will join a sport club and scouting.
Thank you again, you did a great job. Mathias will have a great time in the UK, I hope he will come back to Belgium in July. 

Irma will miss her wonderful host family

Student: Irma Franz
Study Period: Sept 2012 to Feb 2013
It has been a lovely time in England, although it went really fast. I'm sure I'll miss my wonderful host family and the school!

Arthur and Simon were very (very) pleased with their stay in England

Student: Arthur and Simon
Study Period: Sept 2012 to Dec 2012
I wanted to thank you because Arthur and Simon are very (very) pleased with their stay in England.  Everything was very well organised.
They were sad to come back to France.
They had a very pleasant life. Their host families were perfect. Simon and Arthur got really attached to them. They made a lot of friends at school.
Our daughter is thinking about doing a stay in England like her brothers.

Maria is sad to leave England

Student: Maria Carnarius
Study Period: Sept 2012 to Feb 2013
I am just writing to thank you for everything Barnes did for me to make my experiences in England as pleasant as possible. I really enjoyed my stay in England and I was very sad to leave three days ago.
Thank you very much for all your efforts!

Andressa had an amazing time

Student: Andressa Araoujo
Study Period: Feb 2012 to Jul 2012
It's time to thank you very much for your fantastic work. Thanks a lot also to your local representative!!! You did a fantastic job!
Andressa had a wonderful time with her host family and their daughter and with all her friends at school.
There are no critics from Andressa. She is very thankful for the marvelous stay in GB!
We picked her up and stayed in London for the beginning of the Olympics. It was amazing too!

Hortense made some really nice friends

Student: Hortense Herphelin
Study Period: 6 weeks Jun 2012
We picked up Hortense on Saturday. I want to tell you that she enjoyed her stay a lot; the host family was very kind to her, she met really nice friends and wishes she was still in England...

Philippine's father is very happy with her host family

Student: Philippine d'Hébrail
Study Period: 6 weeks Jun 2012
We were very happy to meet Philippine's host family this weekend and we are delighted that they are hosting our daughter.
Thank you very much Rachel for all that you did.

Dario will return to see his friends

Student: Dario Stänicke
Study Period: Sept 2011 to Apr 2012
I have been back in Germany for two and a half great weeks now. School has started this week - it feels quite strange going to a German school again.
I really had a great time in England. I met loads of interesting and 'cool' new people. Now I am planning to return to England in the summer for one week and stay at a friend´s house, so I can see everyone again.
I just wanted to thank you so much for making all that possible.
I was happy with my host family and with your organisation in general. After these great experiences I made I recommend everyone to do such an exchange time, especially with your organisation.

Eléonore wants to return to England

Student: Eléonore Barlatier
Study Period: 4 weeks Feb 2012
Eléonore is now in her last week at her school in England. She has really enjoyed her stay there. She has made lots of friends and enjoyed staying in her host family.
I would like to see if it is possible to organise another stay for her this year when school is over in France until the end of the school year in the UK - in the same school and staying with the same host family.

Henri's homesickness was almost non-existent

Student: Henri Wieland
Study Period: 6 weeks Jan 2012
We are glad that Henri stayed in Nottinghamshire for the six weeks. It was a good experience for him to attend a British school and he had a great time with his host family. They looked after him well and entertained him and their son together. Homesick almost was non-existent.
I think we will come back to you in the future to arrange another stay for our second daughter or Henri again.

Luisa reflects on studying English in England

Student: Luisa Mirow
Study Period: 6 weeks Jan 2012
The six weeks in England were a great time for me and they have passed much too fast!!! Thank you for everything you have done for me to make this stay possible! I really enjoyed the time and it was a very important experience for me!
Today was my first day at school back in Germany and it was really busy...I have to find a way back to my "normal" life again because in my mind I am still "living" in England...
Thank you again for everything! You chose the perfect host family and school for me! It was such a great time!

Steven is more than satisfied

Student: Steven Kleinegesse
Study Period: Sept 2011 to Jul 2012
I am having a great time here! I couldn't have chosen better.
I want to thank you again for directing me to this school; I am more than satisfied!

Jonas' first term goes well

Student: Jonas Schwarting
Study Period: Sept 2011 to Feb 2012
The first term in England is going to be finished soon. Jonas is very happy about the school. Sixth form is ideal for him although sometimes he has to work quite hard. The teachers are very helpful and he thinks that they can explain things better than his teachers in Germany. The other students are very friendly, too. So overall he enjoys the school. He also loves his guest family. You actually did a very good choice. They are lovely people. I got to know them when I came to England in September. The time in England is an outstanding experience for Jonas.
We thank you again for your great support in organizing the stay in England. We always appreciated your friendly and helpful contact in writing.
We also thank the school for offering the opportunity to be integrated into English school life.
Please let the headmaster know that the college is excellent in teaching and preparing students for life.

Isabel settles in quickly

Student: Isabel Pinkowski
Study Period: Sept 2011 to Jun 2012
Having taken Isabel to her host family's over the weekend I'm now back at home. Donna and Ian were very welcoming and I'd like to thank you for finding them for Isabel.
Indeed, Isabel seems to be quite happy - that's also my impression. Isabel sounds very cheerful and she also only says positive things about her host family.
Thank you for your excellent service.

Ernesti's father is pleased

Student: Ernesti Lente
Study Period: Sept 2010 to Jun 2011
I just wanted to thank you for the great service and support you provided for us. I was highly satisfied and pleased to have you as an organisation. You gave me the feeling that Ernesti had great support throughout his year.
We will definitely recommend your organisation.

Alexander looks forward to returning to England after Christmas

Student: Alexander Moeller
Study Period: Sept 2010 to Apr 2011
Looking back we and Alexander are highly pleased with his advancement and his experiences he has made so far.
The school, which you proposed, provides a demanding and assisting atmosphere and we are glad that you could procure a place for him there shortly before the start of the school year.
And we are glad that you have accommodated him with Kim. She cares for him very responsibly, integrates him to a superior extent in her spare time activities (including trips to London) and helps him to improve his English. Although being happy to be with us again Alexander is also looking forward to returning to England.

Lynn had a wonderful time in England

Student: Lynn Tϋrk
Study Period: 4 weeks June 2010
Now that Lynn is back home,  we would like to inform you that she had a wonderful time in England. You have done a great job by recommending this extraordinary school and especially by choosing this lovely family.

Felix excels at boarding school

Student: Felix Stoermer
Study Period: Sept 2009 to Jun 2011
We want to thank you so much for making the contact with Felix's school two years ago. Felix has completed his IB with 28 points.
Keep on the good work!

Annina's parents are very happy

Student: Annina Sawatzki
Study Period: Sept 2009 to Apr 2010
Annina stays in Great Britain since three weeks now. She feels very good. The host mum Emma and the whole family are very friendly and nice and her school is fantastic.
We want to say thank you once more for your amazing fast searching for a school and a family.
Annina and we are very happy.
Thank you!!!!

Claire felt very much at home with her host family

Student: Claire Rogerson
Study Period: Sept 2008 to Feb 2009
We'd like to thank you very much for your contribution to Claire's successful stay in Devon.
She was particularly fortunate with her family, Jan and Bob. They were excellent hosts and very caring substitute parents. They were kind and understanding and made Claire feel very much at home. They were most helpful with all logistical problems and good tourist guides around Devon and Cornwall. At the end of the six months, farewells were not easy on both sides!

Luna finds it difficult to return to Germany

Student: Luna Fischer
Study Period: Sept 2008 to Feb 2009
First of all me and Luna we want to thank you for your great organisation of Luna's stay in England. She is very glad with her lovely host family as well as with the school and county of Kent itself, which has some really very charming places to visit.
Rowena as your local representative was a very kind and caring person.
Luna really enjoyed her stay in England and now it is going to be hard for her to leave. But I am sure she will come back often.
So once again thank you for everything. I hope a lot more students will benefit from your organisation.

Martin is still in contact after nearly 30 years

Student: Martin Steffens
Study Period: 1983
Dear Gaynor and Peter,
it was lovely talking to both of you tonight.
That made my day! :-)  Lots of memories of a wonderful and formative period of my life are popping up just now - in 2013 it will be 30 years since I studied in England!

A second home was born for Gregor in England

Student: Gregor Pechstein
Study Period: Sept 2009 to Feb 2010
The first days I was really excited when I sat in Flugzug airport. When I arrived in Devon my host family gave me a warm welcome - my parents and I had already visited before. In the first days of school, I quickly felt very comfortable. After a short time a second home for me was born. All the time in England I didn't say I was returning to my home, I always said "going back to Germany".
The day and the school
In school I was welcomed kindly by the students and teachers. Soon, I found many new friends. The teachers were always very helpful and treated us, the high school students, as equal adults. The English school system is much more specific than the German. You select a maximum of five courses, but most of my friends as I had chosen only four subjects. In the courses we always had two teachers and, because we had so few courses, the subject matter was much more intense.
As an exchange student you are much more independent than at home. If you need help there is naturally support available, often from host family, but also by from friends or at school by teachers. Overall you are treated much more independently and you learn from this independence. This has been a very positive experience.

Johanna makes lots of friends in England

Student: Johanna Merzenich
Study Period: Sept 2008 to Feb 2009
My name is Johanna Merzenich and I come from Düsseldorf. I decided to spend half a year (1.5 English school terms) in England. Therefore my family and I contacted the Barnes organisation.
My time in England started in September 2008 because school started on the 3rd of September and ended in February 2009. My mother accompanied me when I flew to Southend.
I had a very good first impression of my host family. They didn't have any young children in the house which was something new for me because I have got three siblings. When I first met them they were very welcoming and seemed to be happy about a new student from Germany.
I arrived a few days before school began so I had time to get to know the area around the school in Essex. I was happy because the house in which I should be living was 5 walking minutes distant from the school. The other German students arrived in Southend on the same day. Altogether we were five boys and girls, so quite a small group. We got to know each other on one evening before school started. I am still in contact with these guys and it was a great and funny time we had together.
On my first day in school I was at least as excited as on the first meeting with the other guys. Luckily we all went to the same school so that no one had to go on their own. School started at 8.40, quite a bit later than in Germany. When we arrived there we were sent into the Sixth Form common room, a special room only for Sixth Form students where they can hang out in free lessons, chat or do any homework or revising. In the common room there were already lots of other students. I was glad to have the other Germans around me because otherwise I would have felt a bit lost. After everyone was attendant in the common room we were sent into the Assembly Hall. There we were divided into four forms. I was in a form together with one of the German boys. A form is like a class, you meet every day to registration before you go to lessons. There is a form room and you have a form teacher. You also decide things like car boot sales or charity things. If there is any problem or you are not satisfied with any subject you can go to your form teacher and talk with him or her about your concern.
In Sixth Form students have to choose just 4 subjects. I took Maths, Biology, English Literature and Media Studies. Additional there are the compulsory subjects. Just four subjects seem to be an alleviation in comparison to the at least twelve subjects in Germany but there is a lot of hard work and it is not always as relaxing as it sounds. I met many new people in the lessons, in my form and also in the common room.

Johanna studies abroad in England

On the weekends we also went to the town centre of Southend. But very often we visited London by train in just forty minutes. We normally spent a whole day there for sightseeing or just shopping. 
Because in the first half term our contact with the English students was limited to talking in school we didn't do anything together with them on the weekends. But in the second half term the contact improved and we were invited to parties and met them on the weekends.
A highlight was the Sixth Form Party which was a few days before the Christmas holidays. The party was going on in a club at the seaside and the whole Sixth Form was invited. It was great fun and again we got to know many new people.
One of my subjects -English Literature- was a great success. Not only that the subject was something completely new for me it was also the subject I enjoyed the most. We visited a lecture and a museum in London and through these trips I got to know new students. Two students I am still in contact with became very good friends. They came from Zimbabwe in Africa and after we got to know each other better we spent weekends with each other. We went to the cinema, to London or to the big fun park in Southend.

 Johanna's study year in England

To sum up I can say that the time in England not only improved my English it also made me more independent and made me pay more attention on different things e.g. my money.
It was very sad when my half year was over and I had to say goodbye to my form, my German friends, my host family and the English friends. I didn't want to leave because especially in the last time we met so many new people that the time was bad to leave. But everyone promised us to stay in contact and I am still in contact with some of them.
Finally I can say that I can just recommend my time and it was a great experience. I grew in my independence and in my confidence. I am happily looking back on my time and am glad not to have missed it.

Hannah from Switzerland benefits from her late decision to study in England

Student: Hannah Fehlberg
Study Period: Sept 2008 to Christmas 2008
I spent nearly four months in a south-eastern English town in Essex. These four months were some of the best in my life. I met so many lovely people and I was able to get to know and to enjoy British culture. Furthermore my knowledge of the English language made a jump ahead.
During my summer holidays I thought about spending a few months in England. This was quite late because school starts in the beginning of September. But Ric of Barnes Educational Services was very helpful. He established contact with the school in Essex, delivered my application and other documents and found a wonderful host family for me. So I was able to be in England only four weeks after my decision.
As well he was taking care of smaller things like organising a taxi from the airport to my new home. (In the taxi I had my first long conversation in English - the taxi driver was quite a chatterbox). My parents were appeased because they knew that there is someone in England who could help in any cases on short notice. During my stay I had contact with the Barnes local representative in my town. She organised several meetings where I met with other exchange students.
Like every other exchange student I was nervous how my host family would be. But I was really lucky. When I first arrived they hugged me and told me that they were happy to have a new child. I had two siblings but they lived abroad most of the time. However, I did not regret because this way my host parents had more time for me :) I felt like being part of the family. We spent a lot of leisure time together. Once we visited my host sister in Brighton and on Saturdays we went to the swimming pool to do aquafit. Whenever I had a question I could ask for an explanation.
Teachers and the head of college were really supportive. The atmosphere between students and teacher is more amicable than in Switzerland. The lessons were interesting and I learned a lot. I also took part in some test exams and was quite content with the results.
It was not always easy especially not in the beginning but I would not miss anything. I think my English improved and I found out that English people sometimes have a different way to see things than people in Switzerland do. I know that this was not the last time being in England because I fell in love with the people and the country.
I think the stay has changed me. I feel more independent and I can see certain things from a different point of view. I would recommend everyone should participate in such an experience who is interested in a different culture (England's culture is different to the Swiss even if you do not think so ...) and who wants to improve a foreign language. I had a wonderful time with my host family. We were all sad when I had to leave.
I am really satisfied how Ric of Barnes organised my time in England. Everything went very well. I can recommend Barnes Educational Services to pupils wishing to study in a college in Great Britain.

Julia excels at boarding school in England

Student: Julia Freyer
Study Period: Sept 2007 to Jun 2009
We want to tell you that we have had only good experiences with your company and with Julia's stay in the UK.
Mr. Peter Barnes had always an open ear and gave us so many advice and support. He is so nice and warmhearted. Thank you very much. You are really great. It was an exciting time for all.
The school is really a great school with very good teachers, excellent tutors, excellent Sixth Form, and very nice staff at the boarding house. The A-Level students receive comprehensive and competent support. Special thanks to Julia's tutor and Ms Lukas.
Julia has completed her A-Level at the school with 5 A grades at A-Level: in Mathematic, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and German. She took also Grade 6 and 7 in the saxophone exams. She had such a smile on the result day last year in the First Class Newsletter from the school.
Julia was house captain at the boarding house in the second year. A special thanks to Mr. Martindale. Julia met so many friends from so many different countries. She is still in contact with their friends from England, Hong-Kong, Dubai, Italy …
Last but not least, now Julia is studying Medicine at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, because she wants to be a Psychiatrist. 
Julia is so happy. She loves the country, language and people in the UK. This is the country where she wants to live and work. This is not very easy for us, but when she is happy then we are happy too. Our Problem is: we have to learn English now!
And we have found a new holiday destination: England and Scotland. It's really great and beautiful. The Landscape is spectacular and the people are fantastic. The Lake District is our favorite.
We can only say thank you very much for all. Peter has suggested the best school. We would like recommend Barnes Educational Service.
We wish you a very good summer holiday. Best wishes to you and your family, especially to Peter. You did a great job.

Carolin reflects on her stay in England 

Student: Carolin Boes
Study Period: Sept 2006 to Jun 2007
I still remember my year in Essex very well although it's been three years now that I left England.  I can imagine that it is always nice and helpful for you to learn what kind of experiences the students have made during their stay as well as afterwards regarding the benefits in further life after their year abroad.
My English language skills improved significantly during my stay in England and still I feel very comfortable in speaking and writing English as I don't have to think about grammar and phrases anymore. Of course I don't remember all the words I used to know when I was in England because there are simply not enough occasions to speak English here at home. However, I am still in touch with friends from England and especially with my host family (Christine + family) who I visit every year - last year she came over to see us for a week which was very nice.  I notice that as soon as I am in Essex again for a few days, the language skills come back into my head and the conversations are fluent and as if I hadn't been away.
I am currently doing an apprenticeship in Hamburg working for an export company where I need my English language skills every day.
All in all I have to say that the year in England was a very useful and above all a unique experience for me and I would definitely do it again.
I know that the changing school system in Germany makes it more difficult now. Still I hope that students won't stop to realise such an experience is definitely an advantage when applying for a job.