Study English in England at a State High or Private School

Study the preferred British English in England - the mother country of the English language. With around 55 million inhabitants England is a leading world economy often deliberately distancing itself from mainland Europe thus making the island more attractive and interesting, with a different culture, money and time.

England offers much variety - a countryside rich with ancient cities, idyllic villages, massive Cathedrals, stately homes, castles, Tudor houses, centres for music and the arts, while every teenager can also enjoy being in the land of cutting-edge fashion trends and the dynamic British pop culture.

English in England

From picnics and country walks to mountain climbing, caving, hang-gliding, surfing and sailing. England's green hills and meadows in the south and east, with moorlands, rugged mountains and beautiful lakes in the north and west offer the ideal landscape for almost any outdoor activity. The island offers 17820km of beautiful coastline - sandy beaches and dramatic cliffs - with no place in England being more than 120km from the sea.

Make friends with the honest, humorous and easy going people with easy access to mainland Europe for weekend family visits while studying English in England.

England is famous for

  • The Royal Family
  • Quality television from the BBC
  • Authors - William Shakespeare (Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet) and JK Rowling (Harry Potter)
  • World famous universities such as Oxford and Cambridge
  • David Beckham, Oasis, Blur, the Beatles, the Spice Girls, delicious cheese, Stonehenge, the Houses of Parliament, double-decker buses, red post boxes, the London Eye and the black cab.

Study English in England

English love their sport

Watching and playing sports is an important part of life in England. Many of the world's sports began in the UK - Cricket, Football, Rugby, Golf, Lawn Tennis, Badminton and Table Tennis which started in 1880 by Cambridge University students using cigar boxes and champagne corks. The origins of other sports came from British sports. For example, American Football from Rugby, and Baseball from the old English game of Rounders.

Families enjoy watching cricket on the village green or joining in the passion for their Rugby team through songs. Try watching Wimbledon eating strawberries and cream or drink a Pimms cocktail with boating enthusiasts at Henley Royal Regatta on the banks of the River Thames.

English food

England is famous for its fish and chips, English breakfasts, roast dinners, Cornish pasties, pies, sandwiches and trifle. Traditionally food was based on beef, pork, lamb, fish and chicken with potatoes and vegetables, however today, food is much more sophisticated being influenced by the many exquisite restaurants, and many chef personalities like Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith.

The memories people take home

The English are known to be polite, patient and honest, with a strong sense of humour, and are extremely hospitable and easy going. Often the English are referred to as reserved in that they appear to hold back their emotions and this may be your initial impression but you will see this change and our openness and warmth will lead to very close, genuine and supportive friendships developing. Humour is an important part of the British way of life, including laughing at ourselves (try watching Little Britain) and is something you will always remember after studying English in England.