Study at some of the Best State and Private Schools in England

There are a wide variety of schools in England giving opportunities for overseas students with very different budgets.

State high schools

Educating 93% of students in England standards within schools vary but it has to be said that some of our finest schools are to be found in the state system. We have been helping young EU students and progressively students from other countries come to the UK since 1975 and consequently established contacts with some of the best state high schools in England.

Schools in England

Living with a host family

If you consider that your child would prefer the freedom of living with a friendly family then you should explore the idea of a day school. Moreover it provides an ideal opportunity to become involved in a local community. Barnes are particularly well-known for providing excellent host families under the close care of a local representative.

Living in boarding accommodation

If you consider that your child is the type of person who would enjoy living with other students in a disciplined and regulated environment, then the possibility of a boarding school should be considered.  Private boarding schools in England offer fantastic education and facilities but it is wise to allow us to help you secure a school away from large numbers of international students. The most cost effective boarding school option is to attend a state boarding school in England which mostly have a small boarding house compared to the size of the school. State boarding schools are only available to UK students and EU students holding pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme.

We have relationships with state day and boarding, grammar and comprehensive schools across the country giving us as much flexibility as possible to be able to recommend a choice of schools in England suitable for you. 

Private Schools in England

Private (independent) boarding schools

For generations, England has been recognised as having the finest boarding schools in Europe. With only 7% of students in England being educated in the private sector, competition between the schools to promote their high standards is intense to justify the fees parents pay. Good private schools in England will not only focus on academic success, but also ensure that emphasis is placed on a wider range of strengths and talent.

We have a very experienced and knowledge- based view of a large number of private schools in England that we have worked with over the years. Taking great care in understanding your child's needs we are able to suggest schools to really suit your child. After giving our recommendation to the school about your child we fully prepare them for the selection process at their chosen schools in England, thus giving them the best chance possible to secure a place.

Private (independent) day schools

There are a number of private schools in the larger towns in England offering private education to predominantly day school pupils. Some have no boarding facility while others have a small boarding house. Combining our total care host family package with a private school is an ideal way for a student to benefit from private school education in England while learning about the culture whilst living in the local community. We have selected a small number of unique schools in England to offer this special experience to students, sometimes at a price of up to £10k less than boarding at the school.