Study at the best State Boarding Schools in England

This is for EU students already holding pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme and for UK students wishing to benefit from state school education in England and Wales while preferring to be accommodated in a boarding house. Fees are generally less than half the price of boarding at a private school and yet standards of care, education and facilities compare very favourably in the better of the 38 state boarding schools in England, though competition for bed spaces is extremely high.

Life in a state boarding school

Most schools have 100 or fewer beds even though there may be around 800 students at the school. Many students will be local and live at home, so a family atmosphere is normally created in the boarding house. Students should consider that the school campus might be very quiet at weekends, although many evening and weekend activities are arranged for boarders. Moreover, if the school is in a remote area, a pupil may feel the need to be in a livelier environment. However, there are some excellent schools in interesting locations that offer a good opportunity to any pupil who feels that he or she would like to be a boarder. Some of the schools offer a high number of places to international students, which we can help you avoid if requested.

 State Boarding Schools in England

Barnes give you the best chance to secure a place

Since 1975 we have developed relationships with many of the better state boarding schools in England that consistently provide high standards of care and academic assistance to their students. During the application and consultancy process we consider everything we learn about an applicant and recommend the two or three state boarding schools that we feel the applicant will really excel at. We are happy to arrange visits to suitable schools to help you make your decision.

By applying through Barnes you have a better chance of being accepted into the most suitable state boarding school for you, since the schools trust our recommendation and we work with you to prepare you for the interview. If you decide not to visit the school, some schools are happy to interview foreign students on the telephone or using SKYPE.

Study periods

Only study periods of one term (a trimester) and one and a half terms (one semester) are available.

In summary

  • Aged 11 to 18 year olds
  • GCSE, A-Levels and International Baccalaureate
  • Early applications advised
  • Arrangement Fee GBP 600 (deposit on application GBP 200*, balance payable on securing a suitable place)
  • School fees between GBP 17,500 and GBP 20,500, including a Guardianship agreement**

* Initial fee
£200 is payable by bank transfer at the time of submitting the application forms. As places are in such short supply in the better state boarding schools and the process requires our experience, relationships and a lot of preparation, this is the only arrangement where we ask for an initial payment which is not refundable if the application is unsuccessful. Bank details for the initial transfer can be found on the application form.

All boarding schools require foreign students to have a UK-based Guardian. A guardian for a student at a boarding school has to be prepared to care for a student in the holidays and any weekends when the student has to leave the boarding house (exeat weekends). They also have to assist a student with their travel arrangements and be available in case of an emergency.