Study at a Private School with Host Family in England

Attending a private / independent school in England and living with a host family is an excellent way to benefit from private school education while experiencing life as an English teenager in a supportive environment within the local community. This is ideal for students who desire private school education without the structure and regulation associated with living in a boarding house.

Barnes' specially selected private schools

For this experience we have selected a small number of special schools in larger towns offering private education to predominantly day school pupils, so our students do not feel different from the English students. These schools are enthusiastic about welcoming and integrating a small number of international students each year and offer exceptional facilities, some even with their own farm or riding stables.

This arrangement is ideal for students of any age, but especially around the age of 14 where classes smaller than those normally found in state schools is desired.

Private School with Host Family in England

Main benefits

An alternative option to independent boarding school in England:

  • Students can benefit from the break from the routine of living 24 hours per day in a school environment
  • Our caring host families assist our students to mix with the local community, giving more opportunities to experience and benefit from mixing with a different culture
  • Students benefit from Barnes Total Care Package being cared for during term time, weekends and half term leading to a less disruptive and lower cost package since guardianship is included.

In summary

  • Aged 11 to 18 year olds
  • GCSEs, A-Levels and International Baccalaureate
  • Host family accommodation
  • Full Guardianship included
  • No application fee* payable to Barnes
  • One or two terms possible, approximately 10,600 or 16,700 GBP
  • One school year from 23,900 GBP

Since individual private schools have their own fee levels, it is not possible to initially state an exact fee.
In addition to the annual fees shown in our fee list, the majority of independent schools in England charge a small application/registration fee in the region of £50 to £100.

For all students an expenses lodgement of £1,000 will be requested to cover items not included in the packaged cost. Our package price includes all meals (including lunches in school), but excludes airport transfers and extra accommodation as and when needed during the Christmas, Easter and summer holidays. Apart from these costs the expenses lodgement will be used to fund school excursions, school uniform, and any additional tuition at school, such as additional private or shared English and music lessons. We always encourage a close relationship between our host families and parents, especially when the student is less than 16 years old, and so this money is generally spent by agreement between the two families. Full details of any expenditure will be provided by the host family at the end of each term and the cash held on trust should be topped up as agreed between the families.

* - If a student subsequently decides to board at a school we have recommended for a period of less than one academic year, a separate placement fee of £450 will become payable to Barnes to reflect the work involved in securing a place for the student. For non-EU students an application fee is payable with the application papers and if the student subsequently decides to board at the school then the deposit and arrangement fee (for periods of less than one academic year), where applicable, shown for private boarding schools will become immediately payable.


Visas are not necessary for EU students.
Visas for Non EU students are not always necessary where a student studies in the UK for less than 6 months. More information can be found at the UK Visas and Immigration ( ). Where a visa is necessary the time taken to apply for this needs to be taken into account when considering start dates. Also, evidence of an IELTS English test will need to be provided. IELTS tests need to be booked in an official test centre to be valid (for guidance see  ).